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10 Best Christmas Food Gifts For Your Friends & Family

As Christmas draws closer, it’s time to put your Santa hat on, and pick just the right gift for your friends and family. Happily, there are plenty of curated gift boxes full of wonderful local food products, as well as individual Christmas food gifts that would thrill anyone who receives them. 
Here are ten ideas that will allow you to finish your Christmas shopping speedily. Many of them are also perfect Christmas food gifts for vegetarians.

1. Coho Holiday Boxes

Coho Holiday Gift Box
Coho has simplified gift giving this Christmas by offering a range of holiday boxes that celebrate diverse local small businesses. If you know someone who likes adding Asian-style flavour to their cooking, the Asian Pantry Classic Box ($35) will be the ideal gift. It comes with a trio of products: classic Korean kimchi from Salty Cabbage, XOXO Sauce from the True Nosh Company, and Shio Koji, a natural probiotic seasoning from Van Koji. Even better, they’re all plant-based.
Coho has two other boxes that come with local products well worth championing. The Women-Led Local Foodie Box ($95) contains products made by inspiring female entrepreneurs, such as Clean Mango Sriracha Sauce from Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce, a No-Tella toasted almond cookie from Panela Lemon, and Cinnamon Mocha Almonds from the Friendly Keto Lady. Meanwhile, the BIPOC-Led Local Foodie Box ($85) contains a diverse mix of items that range from Pili Pili Sauce from Afrocentric Kula Foods to fragrant Garam Masala from the Indian Pantry.
Finally, the Support Local Foodie Box ($75) is far better than anything that Amazon could deliver, with artisanal products from your community. This box is filled with a wide selection of products, such as Choco Nuts from Flaming Chocolates and a milk chocolate bar made of 60% Ghanaian cocoa beans from Kaaj Chocolate.
Buy from: Coho Market
Price: $35-$95

2. Gold Series Coffee Sampler Pack

Gold Series Coffee Sampler Pack

For the coffee aficionado on your list, this Gold Series Sampler Pack gifts them with three single-origin, premium light roasts. Mogiana Coffee proudly sources its beans from owner Cristina Dias’ long-running family farm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The family is highly committed to the sustainability of their growing practices, the ethics of their community relationships, and above all, the quality of their beans. The Sampler Pack comes with their Ethiopia coffee, which features bold notes of plum, blackberry, and jasmine; Brazil Ernesto, which tastes subtly of chocolate and raw cashews; and Guatemala, which is a rich, full bodied coffee with grapefruit and candied orange peel notes.
Buy from: Mogiana Coffee
Price: $16.99

3. Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey

Bee Kind is a family-run company that specializes in infused honey, either from their own bee colonies or from other local sources. Infusions are made with all natural, local ingredients, using a low heat process that retains the health benefits of the honey. The resulting product combines the intense flavour of the infusion, as well as the subtle terroir of the honey itself. Their bestselling Lavender Infused Honey uses whole lavender and no essential oils in order to create a fragrant and soothing natural sweetener. A jar would make for an elegant and healthy Christmas food gift.
Buy from: Bee Kind
Price: $15

4.  Chutney and Spread Sampler

Chutney & Spread Sampler
This vegan three-pack is a gift made for enjoying on wintry nights that call for aromatic spices and slow cooked, caramelized fruit. The Spiced Mango Chutney, Chai Apple Spread, and Pear Walnut Chutney are the ultimate combination for accompanying curries, crackers and cheeses, as well as roasted meat and vegetables. Luv the Grub takes all the unwanted produce from eight local farms and produce markets and repurposes it to create very tasty fruit-based products. The chutneys and spread are particularly well suited to any giftee who does a lot of entertaining.
Buy from: Luv the Grub
Price: $16.70

5. Gourmet Salt n Pepa Infused Sea Salt Sample Pack

Gourmet Salt n Pepa Infused Sea Salt Sample Pack

The Salt Dispensary offers over twenty salt blends, all featuring organic natural ingredients free of MSG, anti-caking chemicals, and liquid smoke. Their Gourmet Salt n Pepa Infused Sea Salt Sample Pack features their most sought-after finishing salts: sel de Provence, chipotle, and hickory smoked. The Pack also comes with garlic chips and pepper, both hickory smoked, for the ultimate range of seasonings. Your giftee can add them to roasted vegetables, soups, salads, and any other dish that needs flavour enhancement.
Buy from: The Salt Dispensary
Price: $22.00

6.  Earl Grey Tea & Cardamom 73% Rio Chocolate Bar

Pistachio & Saffron Chocolate
This lovely vegan inclusion chocolate bar begs to be given as a stocking stuffer. It’s also a testament to how simple food gifts for Christmas can be the most thoughtful – and appreciated. Kaaj Chocolates is all about quality, from the sourcing of their single-origin cocoa beans to the careful crafting of their artisanal bars. This bar is a cosseting choice for Christmas, with premium Earl Grey tea and cardamom seeds complementing 73% dark chocolate from Rio Caribe, Venezuela. This is truly a chocolate bar for savouring.
Buy from: Kaaj Chocolates
Price: $10.99

7. Whisky and Roasted Hazelnut Caramel Chews

charlie girl good whisky and roasted hazelnut
There’s something about the traditional caramels from Charlie Girl Goods that is so satisfying. These confections are made the old-fashioned way: from scratch, in small batches, using all natural ingredients. While you can never go wrong with a gift of the Classic Sea Salt Caramel Chews, the Whisky and Roasted Hazelnut Caramel Chews are positively luxurious. They consist of roasted whole hazelnuts in creamy caramels, with the deep flavour notes of premium Canadian craft whisky.
Buy from: Charlie Girl Goods
Price: $8 for a Small Pillow Pack (5 pieces) and $16 for a Large Pillow Pack (10 piece)

8. Gourmet White Rabbit Candy Cookies

Gourmet White Rabbit Candy Cookies
If you’re participating in a Christmas cookie exchange and, understandably, aren’t up to baking this year, Vancouver Best Cookies has some classics, as well as more inventive options you could contribute. Or, if you just need a gift idea, a box of their delicious handmade cookies would brighten up anyone’s holiday season. Their Gourmet White Rabbit Candy Cookies are particularly popular with children and with kids at heart. Your giftee will love the White Rabbit Candy, which adds buttery caramel flavour and crunch to the cookie. It’s a nostalgic treat that fits the mood of the holidays.
Buy from: Vancouver Best Cookies
Price: $19.99 for 6, $34.99 for a dozen

9. Freja’s Choice: Fermented Tea

Freja's Choice
Instead of the usual bottle of wine, consider giving your friends and family a bottle of artisanal fermented tea from The Hygge Brand. The company takes their tea making seriously, using time honoured fermentation processes that prioritize quality and the purity of their ingredients. Small-batch brewing ensures  flavours are balanced and  the teas reach full fermentation potential. Freja’s Choice tea is a gorgeous Christmas-y red hue, created from infused rose and hibiscus flowers. The drink combines silver needle, white peony, and gyokuro tea with raw honey and lime kaffir for fragrant sipping.
Buy from: The Hygge Brand
Price: $15.00

10. Salted Caramel Pecan Bites

Heritage Baking Pecan bites
In its festive gold packaging, these Salted Caramel Pecan Bites are one of the best holiday food gifts. They’re made by Heritage Baking, which specializes in baked goods that pay homage to tradition and family. One bite of these sweet treats leads to instant comfort: imagine buttery shortbread topped with caramelized sweet and salty pecan filling. They embody all the coziness of the holidays.
Buy from: Heritage Baking
Price: $15.99 

3 Unique Christmas Food Packaging Ideas

It’s important to come up with inventive food packaging ideas that minimize excess wrapping, and ideally make use of reusable items.

1. Tea Towels or Napkins

Tea Towel Gift Wrapping
Instead of using gift paper, use a tea towel or a napkin to wrap up your food present. That way, the food packaging is also part of the present itself! You can pick out a pretty fabric pattern to make the gift stand out visually.

2. Bowls, Serving Platters, and Baking Sheets

Kiva Platter
Assemble your own Christmas food hamper by placing gourmet items in a bowl or on a serving platter or baking sheet. You could also theme the food gifts to suit the container; for example, giving spreads, crackers, and dried fruit on an elegant cheese board.

3. Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax gift wrapping
Help your giftee cut down on plastic waste by packaging their present in reusable beeswax food wrap. The beeswax wraps are practical for the kitchen but also would look really attractive as “gift paper.”

Which Is The Best Place To Buy Christmas Food And Gifts Near Me?

Farmers markets and Christmas craft fairs are always fun and interactive places to find food gifts for your loved ones. Specialty stores around town that prioritize local vendors also tend to stock delicious gourmet gifts. And you can’t beat Coho Market for their thoughtfully selected Holiday Boxes, as well as a wide selection of specialty culinary items that make gift-giving delightful.

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