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What Is A Bubble Tea Kit + How To Make DIY Bubble Tea At Home?

Andrew Nguyen, co-owner of BOBASAUR, a Vancouver company that sells bubble tea kits came up with his company idea during the pandemic. He and his friends used to love going out for bubble tea late at night since it was the perfect inexpensive drink to accompany socializing and studying. And then when the pandemic hit, he realized he and others could still enjoy bubble tea – but from the comfort of their homes instead.

A bubble tea home kit gives you all the ingredients and instructions for making boba quickly and easily yourself. “I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to drink bubble tea at home. DIY bubble tea is something you can make at home while having fun with friends and family,” says Nguyen.

How To Make DIY Bubble Tea?

DIY bubble tea transforms you into a bobarista as you create boba at home. You can either buy a kit with all the ingredients, or you can buy them yourself at your local grocery store. You can try making the tapioca pearls yourself, or buying them premade. Once you have everything ready, making classic boba takes only five minutes. You start by letting your tea steep, and then adding cream and sugar. Then, it’s just a matter of pouring the tea into a drinking glass filled with ice and tapioca pearls. Give the mixture a stir, and voilà, you have DIY bubble tea to enjoy.

Make Your Own Bubble Tea At Home With A Starter Kit

Bobasaur Bubble Tea Kit

Product: BOBASAUR - DIY Bubble Tea Drink Kit

Cost: $35

“Before the pandemic, I travelled to Taiwan, where bubble tea came from. I was really inspired by all the creativity in bubble teas there. I wanted to bring the love for and joy of bubble tea back from Taiwan,” Nguyen says.

The result is the BOBASAUR DIY Bubble Tea Drink Kit, which contains everything you need to make five servings of café quality boba. It comes with roasted milk tea bags, frozen brown sugar pearls, cream powder, and sugar, as well as compostable straws, a mason jar, and a measuring scoop. You can follow BOBASAUR’S recipe booklet, or watch their demo video on YouTube. The kit is great to get you started on your experiments with DIY bubble tea, or would make for a lovely and original gift.

Through his extensive boba research, Nguyen discovered good DIY bubble tea relies on having high quality tapioca pearls. “Pearls are actually very difficult to make, and this is one of the biggest problems when making bubble tea at home. And pearls are also very hard to find in the Vancouver market,” he says. BOBASAUR has solved the problem by sourcing the perfect frozen brown sugar pearls from Taiwan. All you have to do is defrost them in the microwave or in hot water, and you have sweet, chewy pearls to add to your tea.

Nguyen invites you to think about DIY bubble tea like hosting an intimate non-alcoholic cocktail party at home. BOBASAUR is currently working on adding new flavours to their kits, including fragrant jasmine green tea and peach oolong tea for a fruity taste. 

He encourages creativity by experimenting with different teas, adjusting the sweetness and amount of ice, and trying out various dairy milk alternatives, like almond or soy milk. He says some customers even make fruit smoothies and use the brown sugar pearls as a topping. “There’s no right way of doing it,” he says.

Bubble Tea Kit

Where Can I Buy A Bubble Tea Kit In Canada?

There are many places to buy bubble tea kits. BOBASAUR sells their kit online, for delivery throughout Metro Vancouver. The Bubble Tea Shop in Richmond and Vancouver sells them, as does Teaspoons & Co. in Vancouver and Teassential in Vernon. The kits can be shipped or picked up in store. There are also a host of online vendors that ship nation-wide, like Bobabox in Vancouver, Retea in Toronto, and Tealise in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Once you have your own bubble tea starter kit, you can play with all sorts of unique flavours and ingredient combinations. Let your imagination create the ultimate boba, and serve it to family and friends!

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